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The art of learning.

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Outstanding! I would recommend it to anyone.

I was fortunate enough to study with Beatrice, thanks to her I improved greatly in a short time. The passion she puts into teaching is engaging and makes the lessons very fun. She has always adapted to my pace and met my requests and needs, keeping the focus on teaching and improving. Her advice on home study is crucial. Beatrice is exceptional and I would recommend her to anyone! I was so impressed with her teaching that I would have written a paper on her if it had been possible.

Daniele B.

consultant and entrepreneur

The link between study and brain.

I am a math teacher and I often ask students to stop for a moment, to understand the individual operations before proceeding: speed and correctness are not only accompanied by a large number of repetitions but also by understanding the individual operations; in the same way Beatrice’s approach, aimed at a very detailed study, allows to better understand and manage the connection between learning and brain.

Flavio G.


Everything became simple!

I was only able to take classes for a short time and it was short but intense! I hope to start again at some point.
The lessons flew by and with the explanations everything became simple!

Nicholas C. (Nick)


Fast and constant learning.

Beatrice’s teaching method is great and very understandable even for beginners.
The learning is fast and continuous.

Massimo N.


Immediate improvement!

Thanks to her study method, I have greatly improved my ability to remember what I learn. And I have also improved my ability to express the concepts learned in front of an audience (even a small one).

Stefano N.

graphic designer

Finally someone has come up with this method.

Ars Accademia has created an excellent and modern method of learning, which helps students to learn every notion/subject with better results, and also helps people in the working environment to improve their results. For those who need to improve their learning and work performance, and a bit we all need it today, since we are increasingly overwhelmed by many and varied activities, I highly recommend to follow the courses of Ars. It’s about time someone devised a method to learn in a truly functional way, because normally in every school, even the most famous and important ones, they never teach you how to study, they give you what you need to study … and then off you go … you start studying, hoping to learn everything in the time they ask you! The method of Ars Accademia is called NeuralLearning, and is based on techniques derived from the study of neuroscience, that is the natural functioning of the brain, really nice and fascinating!

Siesar Nick

I loved!

I loved Beatrice for her teaching style, always kind, helpful and patient.

Anna C.


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