My name is Beatrice, and I’m a girl half Italian and half Swiss.
I’m an architect, a classical pianist and an opera singer, and I’m also involved in art, writing and cultural disclosure both through conferences and online.
I did a full course of studies that allowed me to get more than one degree and, after working for a few years in a large company, I decided to become an entrepreneur myself and on March 1, 2016 I founded Ars Accademia, a business first only physical and now also online.
I started teaching when I was 13 (first as a freelancer, then in various schools between Italy and Switzerland and at the cantonal courses of continuing education in Ticino) and I never stopped, continuing even during my studies and while working in the company.
This work as a teacher started so early and never interrupted has given me a long experience, especially thanks to the students of all ages and levels that I had the privilege to follow, and allowed me to experiment on myself and on dozens of students the effectiveness of methods and techniques of study, teaching and improvement.
During my journeys I approached psychology, neurology, neuroscience, and personal growth, and all this – combined with technical experience, the musical experience from which everything starts, to study and work – led me to create the NeuralLearning© method.

Beatrice Gaggiotti
Ars Accademia

Ars Accademia was born on March 1, 2016. It was my first business, and thanks to this activity I was able to make my NeuralLearning© method available to anyone who wanted to experience it.
In the beginning, Ars was a purely physical business, and within it I dedicated myself to the students by teaching a variety of artistic, humanistic, and cultural subjects. However, with the passing of time, I began to consider the possibility of bringing my project online. It was this idea that pushed me, at the beginning of 2020, to start experimenting: I did many tests, I made mistakes, I tried again, I modified the project until I developed its essence and today Ars is also, and above all, online. And I am very satisfied because I know that in this way you can have all the material available without the constraint of geographical distance, time, the impossibility of meeting or other limitations.
And NeuralLearning© is the name I’ve given to my method of study and performance improvement.
NL, as I affectionately call it, is a method that is based on the functioning of the brain and therefore allows anyone (regardless of age and level of knowledge) to greatly improve their learning abilities with great benefits both personal and study and work. NL is an effective method for study, business and teaching, to create which I started from the study and knowledge of our cognitive system and learning (the so-called metacognition). And to create which I chose to leave aside the clichés, the idea of talent, luck, chance, countless repetitions, ” give up”, late nights, and even suffering and (too much) sacrifice.

Partners and Collaborators

Siesar Nick

Siesar Nick is the composer who has been working with me for a long time, and who writes the music for all my projects.
Organist and keyboardist, he has specialized in soundtracks and in recent years has also dedicated himself to the creation of music for psychophysical well-being.
He entirely created the music for the R500 project, which was taken on tour throughout Switzerland in 2017 and for which I myself served as pianist and choir director.