Are you a student and looking for an effective study method?
Are you a business owner and looking for a system to improve your performances and those of your employees?

With Ars Accademia I propose you my innovative NeuralLearning© method, that is a “brain-friendly” learning method thanks to which you can learn any notion, discipline and skill.
Do you think it’s impossible? It seems too much? Yet this is possible because NL© is based on the knowledge of the brain and its functioning during learning (the so-called metacognition).
Thanks to the use of techniques, systems, methods, and programs that I have experimented over the years on myself and on dozens of students of all ages, I have created a precise, simple and complete method that allows you to learn any information and skills in a fast, easy, lasting and really performing way.

Soft Skills & Leadership

Today, in both the study and work worlds, leadership is required. And leadership is also formed through soft skills (i.e., personal skills), which are among the most in-demand skills.

But the soft skill of soft skills is something that is almost never mentioned, namely… the ability to learn!
Any skill can be learned, and therefore the mother skill is precisely that of knowing how to learn.
With NeuralLearning©, in addition to giving you an effective method of study and learning, I can help you to acquire some of the most requested soft skills, that is to increase your own performances: from communication, learning and organization skills to memory, critical and analytical thinking, planning (or problem solving) and creativity.
Leadership, soft skills and hard skills are characteristics required by both students and entrepreneurs; and today, increasingly, by employees as well.


The best way to learn something is to apply it and experiment with it, and in the Academy I can follow you personally! And then, once you’ve made the method your own, you’ll also know how to customize it.

In the Academy of Ars you will find everything you need, materials and products both free and purchasable: ebooks, courses, lessons, webinars, programs, guides, utilities and gadgets, as well as the possibility of personalized lessons and consultations one-on-one with me.
By learning and using NeuralLearning© you can acquire the correct method of study to learn any discipline and skill, and you can acquire the correct method to improve and increase your performances in both study and work.