Brain and Learning.
The NeuralLearning© method starts from the knowledge of the brain, its functioning, and the cognitive and learning system. How do we learn? And so, what are the best techniques to get the results we want? Why do we make mistakes? Why do we forget? Are memory and learning the same thing? Do I need to study by rote? Should I study for repetition? Is it true that after a certain age you can no longer learn? These are just some of the questions that are at the base of the NeuralLearning© method and that allowed me to understand how learning works: and this is what makes NL© different from any other traditional method.


Personal Growth and Improvement.
The NeuralLearning© method is also based on personal growth and improvement. To be successful you have to know yourself, because this knowledge is needed to be able to tap into all your resources. Knowing ourselves is a fascinating and deep work, which leads us to understand what we want and why we want it, but also what prevents us from obtaining it. Personal growth, psychology and neuroscience are intimately linked, because they all refer to our mind, our brain, and our potential. Every method that works also has self-improvement techniques and mindset in it, and NL© is no exception.


Technique and Communication.
In the NeuralLearning© method, technique and communication are very important. The specific and typical technique of each discipline and each skill is what lays the basis for great results and is something we cannot do without, while communication is what allows us to share these results with other people. Without technique, any skill is not really learned and without communication and sharing any idea is almost useless. Technique and communication are the starting point and the end point of any path of study, teaching, entrepreneurship and creativity.


Effective for studying.
NeuralLearning© is effective for studying because, being a method of studying and learning, the students are the first ones who can benefit from it. Based on the knowledge of the cognitive and learning system, NL© frees us from the countless repetitions done waiting for what we need to know to become fixed in our memory; it frees us from the idea of studying by rote; it frees us from the stress of relying on chance and luck, giving us control instead; and it also frees us from the concepts of boredom, pain and suffering often linked to studying, giving us a renewed vision of commitment, discipline and self-discipline.


Effective for business.
NeuralLearning© is effective for entrepreneurs and employees. In today’s working world, in fact, in an information society like ours, continuous updates are more and more required, which require study and quick and fruitful learning, which must be immediately put into practice to obtain results and achieve objectives. In addition, thanks to the knowledge of the learning system, the NL© allows us to improve our performance, because we know how to get the results we want, and this in work and business is essential.



Effective for teaching.
NeuralLearning© is effective for teachers, because they not only have to study themselves to keep up to date but, above all, because if they know the learning system they can teach in a profitable and targeted way. In fact, if we know how the brain works and how learning works, we will be able to understand the reason behind every success and every mistake of a student, and we will be able to help him/her precisely not only to achieve the desired results, but also to understand the mechanism that allows him/her to succeed.



No repetitions.
In traditional and conventional methods, the first and, often, only rule is: repeat. Repeat and do it again, as long as it succeeds. …but what if it doesn’t? Starting from the question of how the brain works, how it learns and forgets, and also how it makes us wrong, in our NeuralLearning© method we do not rely on repetition. Even if we practice as much as we need to, we do so in a focused and cost-effective way, because the “do it again, do it for hours, and hope” system is not what we want and is not what we apply.


No judgment.
In our NeuralLearning© method we don’t rely on judgments or prejudices: we don’t start by asking if we are talented, if we have the ability, or anything like that. Knowing how the brain works we also know what talent means, what ability means and what learning means. And so we know that with the right method and effective techniques any of us can achieve almost any result and goal.


No pain.
Have you ever heard the phrase, “If it hurts, it means it’s working?” Actually, physical pain is our body’s signal to tell us that we are doing something wrong, and something that harms us; and psychological pain is a prelude to problems and blocks that we may develop out of defense or trauma. Pain and suffering, therefore, are never good teachers. Therefore, in our NeuralLearning© method, we pay close attention to ourselves and our well-being.

Here are testimonials from some people who have used my NeuralLearning© method:

Outstanding! I would recommend it to anyone.

I was fortunate enough to study with Beatrice, thanks to her I improved greatly in a short time. The passion she puts into teaching is engaging and makes the lessons very fun. She has always adapted to my pace and met my requests and needs, keeping the focus on teaching and improving. Her advice on home study is crucial. Beatrice is exceptional and I would recommend her to anyone! I was so impressed with her teaching that I would have written a paper on her if it had been possible.

Daniele B.

consultant and entrepreneur

The link between study and brain.

I am a math teacher and I often ask students to stop for a moment, to understand the individual operations before proceeding: speed and correctness are not only accompanied by a large number of repetitions but also by understanding the individual operations; in the same way Beatrice’s approach, aimed at a very detailed study, allows to better understand and manage the connection between learning and brain.

Flavio G.


Everything became simple!

I was only able to take classes for a short time and it was short but intense! I hope to start again at some point.
The lessons flew by and with the explanations everything became simple!

Nicholas C. (Nick)


Fast and constant learning.

Beatrice’s teaching method is great and very understandable even for beginners.
The learning is fast and continuous.

Massimo N.


Immediate improvement!

Thanks to her study method, I have greatly improved my ability to remember what I learn. And I have also improved my ability to express the concepts learned in front of an audience (even a small one).

Stefano N.

graphic designer

Finally someone has come up with this method.

Ars Accademia has created an excellent and modern method of learning, which helps students to learn every notion/subject with better results, and also helps people in the working environment to improve their results. For those who need to improve their learning and work performance, and a bit we all need it today, since we are increasingly overwhelmed by many and varied activities, I highly recommend to follow the courses of Ars. It’s about time someone devised a method to learn in a truly functional way, because normally in every school, even the most famous and important ones, they never teach you how to study, they give you what you need to study … and then off you go … you start studying, hoping to learn everything in the time they ask you! The method of Ars Accademia is called NeuralLearning, and is based on techniques derived from the study of neuroscience, that is the natural functioning of the brain, really nice and fascinating!

Siesar Nick

I loved!

I loved Beatrice for her teaching style, always kind, helpful and patient.

Anna C.