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last updated March 1, 2021.

Who are we? What is Ars Accademia?
Ars Accademia is an online and offline project that teaches an effective study method that can also serve to improve job performances. Ars Accademia is the property of Beatrice Gaggiotti. Ars Accademia and the NeuralLearning method are protected by copyright. Ars is also involved in the creation of events, conferences, courses, webinars and other similar activities and teaching in the broadest sense, both offline and online. The head office is located in Via Carlo Pereda 26, 6828, Balerna, Ticino, Switzerland. For the protection of personal data we refer to the new European Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (2016/679) which came into force on May 25, 2018.

Are you required to provide us with your data? Which data do we collect?
To subscribe to the Ars newsletter we ask you for 3 pieces of information: your name (which is needed so that I can address you directly), your surname (to distinguish you from any homonyms) and your email (without which I can not send you the newsletter emails).
In order to purchase online courses and online products you need to register as a student for free and you are asked for four mandatory data: first name, last name, user name (the first data you need to login) and email address (the second data you need to login).
When you are at the checkout, if you wish, you can also fill in the rest of the informations (such as address, location, etc.) if you need it for your accounting/administrative reasons regarding the payment. The address is not required because the product you purchase is digital and so does not need to be physically sent.


  • by subscribing to the Ars newsletter you accept our privacy policy according to the GDPR regulation;
  • by registering as a student during the purchase of online courses and online products you accept our privacy policy according to the GDPR regulation;
  • by subscribing to the Academy platform you accept our privacy policy according to the GDPR regulation.

How do we use your data?
We use some data collection programs such as Mailchimp, CRM and Excel to manage the data. These programs are in accordance with the norms of data use, and allow both the registration and the cancellation of the entered data. The use we make of your data is only within Ars itself and the collaborators who work there following the directives of the activity. Your data and your names are not given to third parties. The data processing is carried out in a partially automated way.

Can you edit or delete your data?
According to the European regulation you can have access to your personal data, i.e. ask us which of your data we hold. You can modify, rectify or integrate your data at any time. You can request the deletion of your data at any time, but keep in mind that in order to access the online courses you will have to login and for this reason you will always need at least your email or username and password that only you know. Name and surname can be deleted but you cannot delete the above data (email/username and password) otherwise you will lose the possibility to login to the course.

Can you ask us for information or clarification?
Ars and his staff are at your disposal for information or clarifications. You can write to us at:

This Privacy Policy may be subject to changes and/or additions over time. We recommend that you check it periodically.